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Parish Church of West Leigh, St. Alban

Our parish is within the Diocese of Portsmouth. It is situated North of the town of Havant in Bartons Road, West Leigh which is off the Petersfield Road.


St. Alban's can trace its origins to an ex Royal Navy galley building and this was dedicated as the first church on 7 April 1957 within the parish of St. Faith's. On the 2 November 1962 St. Alban's was declared a Conventional District.

A new church building to Scandinavian design was dedicated on 16 July 1966 but it was not until 1 June 1982 that the new parish of St. Alban, West Leigh was established.

Originally constructed as a timber framed building, cedar clad, it became necessary to completely refurbish the church, Lady chapel and adjoining hall. This took place in two phases between the autumn of 1993 and the summer of 1994. The timber cladding was replaced with a composite resin material and the interior re-insulated and lined. The excellent pipe organ was dismantled and renovated by solid state circuitry during the same period. The result is that the building has retained a spiritual ambience whilst being light, airy and practical with excellent acoustics. The hall continues to offer facilities to the church and the wider community.

Common Worship is used at all liturgical services.

Incense is used on special occasions e.g. Easter and Christmas but not every Sunday.

 Population: 11000

Priest in Charge

Karina moved to St Alban’s in July 2012.

Canon Karina Green

St. Alban’s Church, West Leigh

Information for New Visitors

You can download our vision statement here.

We have a hall for hire. Information here.

Our APCM report is here.

Important. Information on Safeguarding is found here.

A link to the Church of England’s site on Prayer Resources can be found here.

Children’s activities for lockdown can be found here.

 Please read the important information here.

Our weekly notice sheet can be found here.

All previous meditation sheets are here.

As we are all stilling living with this pandemic, we are operating a few guidelines for all who come to church – so as to assist in helping to look after others, especially those who are still vulnerable,  as well as ourselves

The ministry team will continue to wear masks in the same way as we have done. Only taking them off when we are speaking

The area behind the small door into church, (the choir side) - is where people who wish to remain 2 metres apart can sit and wear a mask all the time.  People can sit where they want, otherwise. When Paul is playing the guitar for our worship, he will be located nearer to the choir when playing and singing, that hopefully will allow 2 metres space from the designated area for those who want or need to sit 2 meters apart.  

If you want to sit 2 metres apart, please book in as I do need to know how many people want take up this option and allocate you a seat. Please book early, don’t leave it till Saturday as that may be more difficult to arrange then.  If there is a large number wanting to sit apart,  we may need to dedicate two areas, or even possibly use the Lady Chapel, and take the windows out – which do come out for large services to allow people to hear.  Otherwise,  you no longer need to book a space.  


We  ask everyone to wear a mask as they enter church, and when you move around in the building. When seated you can remove it if you wish. It is totally a personal choice.

We will open all the windows and doors (front door, fire exits etc.), leaving them open during the service (so there may be a draft) but it allows fresh air to come in and move around and then we can all sing. If doors need to be shut due to weather, then we will probably sing with mask on. If people  feel they want to sing with their mask on, that is not an issue, they can do that, it is fine.

It will be wonderful to have the children back in church, we have so missed them, but we need them for the time being to stay in the children area. Parents are responsible for trying to keep them in that area. Toys and books will need to be returned to their correct (marked) baskets to help us keep them clean.

At the peace, we will continue to wave to each other.

We will continue to have communion only in one kind  (therefore no wine) for August.  We will continue to administer communion behind the screen and with the celebrant wearing a mask.   

We will see how this goes and what happens nationally for August and then make further decisions as and when necessary.  

As we have members of our congregation who want to go  back to how we were before and those who are anxious and want restrictions to remain ... this is our compromise for the time being.

The PCC fully back these decisions and we will continue to review what we do, in the light of government information and guidance from the Church of England.